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Fence (Disclaimer)

This website was created in accordance with the Rulebook on Lawyer Websites of the Croatian Bar Association. The name of the website and its content were approved by the Executive Board of the Croatian Bar Association.

Law firm Vedriš & Partners doo is disciplinary and materially responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the content of the website.

Pursuant to the Rulebook on Lawyers' Websites of the Croatian Bar Association, it is not allowed to publish on the lawyers' website the cases on which the lawyer has worked or the clients that the lawyer has represented.


In order for this website to work properly and provide a complete user experience, this website may store a small amount of information (Cookies) on your computer. More than 90 percent of all websites use this practice, but according to the regulations of the European Union from May 26, 2011. we are obliged to ask for your consent before saving cookies. By using the website, you agree to the use of cookies. By blocking cookies, it is still possible to browse the site without interruption, but some of its features may not be available to you.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is information saved on your computer by the website you visit. Cookies usually store your settings, settings for the website, such as your preferred language or address. Later, when you open the same web page again, the internet browser sends back the cookies belonging to that page. This allows the site to display information tailored to your needs.

Cookies can store a wide range of information including personal information (such as your name or e-mail address). However, this information can only be saved if you allow it - websites cannot gain access to information that you have not given them and cannot access other files on your computer. The default activities of saving and sending cookies are not visible to you. However, you can change your internet browser settings so that you can choose for yourself whether to approve or reject requests to save cookies, delete saved cookies automatically when you close your internet browser, and the like.

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