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  • full range of services relating to incorporation of companies and other legal entities (drafting incorporation documents and other necessary documentation, company name verification, application before competent bodies

  •  preparation and managing all types of corporate status changes (changes in membership and companies’ management board, change of business activity and founding capital, etc.), including representation in relevant registrar procedures before competent bodies    

  • advising in complex procedures regarding changes in companies, and implementation thereof (mergers, acquisitions, transformations, taking-over, squeeze-out, etc.), including due diligence of companies •   

  • legal advice regarding realization of management and property rights in companies, including preparation of the general assembly, supervisory board meetings, etc. 

  •  legal services in connection with the capital market (issuing and transaction of deeds, bonds and securities, as well as activities in connection with the operation of credit institutions)     

  • representation and provision of other legal services in liquidation procedure of commercial companies and bankruptcy procedure, including submitting claims into the bankruptcy estate, participation in operation of the creditors’ board and realization of separate rights of recovery of debt    

  • preparation, keeping and updating of corporate documentation (book of shareholders, decisions of company bodies, etc.)

  • drafting all types of agreements relating to acquisition or encumbrances of real estate 

  • representation in all types of procedures with regard to acquisition or encumbrances of real estate (sale and purchase, institution of storey ownership, rent, lease) and registration of relevant rights in the land registry and other public registries    

  • checking real property status in the cadastre and land register    

  • real estate due diligence procedure    

  • legal advice on the matters of public, cultural and maritime domain, and issues of compliance with environment protection regulations    

  • obtaining location permits, permits for use, and other necessary permits in procedures relating to real estate and construction

  • legal advice and representation in negotiations and in conclusion of all kinds of legal transactions     

  • drafting agreements and all accompanying documents for completing the legal transaction (purchase, sale, lease, loan, etc.)  

  • analysis and provision of legal opinions regarding contractual relations and the rights and obligations of the contracting parties structuring complex legal transactions (investments, financing, insurance)

  • legal advice regarding available recourses for resolution of legal matters (breach of contract, compensation of damages, protection of numerous personal and material rights)    

  • representation in all kinds of litigation and non-litigation procedures    

  • representation and legal services in alternative dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation)    

  • legal advice and other services in connection with disputes with an international element, including the possibility of defining and stipulating of governing law in legal situations with an international element    

  • initiation of proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia“    

  • representation before foreign bodies, including the European Court of Human Rights and Court of Justice of the European Union  in Strasbourg.

  • legal advice and other services in connection with insurance of payments, including credit rating checking and issuing securities (promissory notes, bank guarantees) 

  • representation and participation in all phases of an enforcement, civil, bankruptcy and other procedures for collection of debt

  • preparing testaments and inheritance contracts

  • advice and representation in probate procedure

  • legal services in connection to trademark and industrial design before domestic and international bodies (search, registration, validity control)    

  • realisation and protection of all rights arising from intellectual property, including objecting registration and initiating all types of procedures before competent authorities    

  • legal advice in the field of copyright and preparation of copyright agreements and other similar agreements    

  • legal services in connection with internet domains

  • legal advice and other services related to commencement and termination of employment (preparation of employment contracts, termination procedures and agreements on consensual termination)    

  • legal advice on rights and obligations arising from employment (transfer of operations, severance)    

  • compilation of labour law documentation (systematization of work places, bylaws, etc.)    

  • representation in labour disputes    

  • representation of syndicates    

  • restructuring programs    

  • representation in all types of procedures before administrative authorities    

  • initiating administrative court procedures

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