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Vlatka Vedriš

Vlatka is the founder of the Law Firm. She founded an independent law office in 1992, and in 1997 the Law Firm was founded. In her work, Vlatka is primarily focused on commercial and company law, where she has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of companies, as well as in providing comprehensive legal services for project development. Vlatka's professional experience includes participation in numerous conferences, especially on the topic of international commercial law and arbitration. She acquired the status of arbitrator at the Vienna Arbitration Center in 2003. Vlatka is a permanent court interpreter for English and German.


Luka Tomašegović

Luka joined the Law Firm in 2014 after graduating from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 2013, and became a partner in the Law firm in 2022. During his studies, he participated in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot 2011/2012. In practice, he is primarily focused on obligations law, land registry law, company law, as well as other civil law branches. Luka speaks fluent English, uses German and knows the basics of Spanish.


Ana Tućan-Kljaković

Ana graduated from the Faculty of Law in Split in 2007. Ana became an attorney in 2015 and a partner in the Law Firm in 2022. In her professional work Ana is mainly focused in dealing with all legal matters concerning acquiring and disposition of the property. Ana also deals with land registration cases, collections, and other legal issues concerning commercial law, contract law, civil law, inheritance law, administration law as well as resolving status issues of foreigners.


Paola Oremuš

Paola graduated from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 2016, after which she joined the firm in 2017, and in 2022 she became a partner in the Law firm. In her work Paola is primarily focused on the areas of civil law, especially contractual law, obligations law, ownership and other proprietary rights law, land registry law and inheritance law, the areas of commercial law and company law, intellectual property law and trademarks, enforcement law, labour law and administrative law. Paola speaks English and has obtained the International Legal English Certificate, and she also speaks Italian.

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